hurdling n. 跨栏运动

somersaulting n.翻筋斗

lunge n. vt. 冲刺,跃进,前冲

make a lunge for sb./sth. 猛然扑向...

It is the first time that he has done(do) sth.

It was the first time that he had done(do) sth.

It will be the first time that he has done(do) sth.

Before long, I came to know Professor Smith, who showed concern about my loneliness.

show/express concern for/about sth. 对...表示关心

be concerned with 与...有关

concerning perp. 关于

As is known, when the person in power is absent, people will do as they like.

in power 当权

come to/into power 开始当权,上台

beyond one's power 超出某人的能力

make a recovery from 从...中恢复

recover oneself 镇定下来

go over 复习,(仔细)检查

go through 经历,完成,通过,检查,用完

Our plan about how to spend our summer holidays didn't <b>go through</b>. go through 通过

It didn't take him very long to <b> go through </b> his money. go through 用完

She <b>went through</b> the company's accounts, looking for the evidence of fraud. go through 检查 fraud 欺诈

I would be grateful to you if you could give me some adivce on how to make friends.


dialect n. 方言

block n. 街区,块 v.堵塞

petrol n. 汽油(英式)=gasoline(美式)

gasoline n. 汽油(美式)=petrol(英式)

be based on sth. 以...为依据

vomit v. 呕吐 n. 呕吐,呕吐物

gymnastics n. 体操,体能训练

meditation n. 沉思,冥想

spiritual adj. 精神上的

base sth. on/upon 把...建立在...的基础上

base sth. on sth. 的主语? 人。

be based on 主语? 物。

on the basis of 在...的基础上

I'm at your command, what would you like me to do?

command that sb. (should) do(do) sth.

at one's command 听某人支配

have a good command of sth. 掌握,精通 sth.

in command of 掌握,掌管

by request 应...要求

It is requested that ... (should) do(do) sth.

beyond recognition 认不出来,无法辨认

recognize sth. as/to be sth. 把...看作...

come up with 提出,想出

come across 遇见,发现,被理解

The snowdrops are just beginning to <b>come up</b>. come up 发芽 snowdrop 雪花莲

come up 主语? 计划,建议,问题等

come up with 主语? 人

Your time should be made full use of to exercise(exercise)

We should think of what use can be made(make) of such material.

make full/good use of 充分利用

make the best/most of 充分利用

more than one 后跟单数还是复数?谓语呢? 单数可数名词,单数谓语动词。

The professor packed up his overcoat and came to our school by subway to give lectures by request.


fare n. 费用,特指交通费用

区别 fee 与 fare fee: an amount of money that you pay for professional advice or services;an amount of money that you pay to join an organization, or to do something fare: the money that you pay to travel by bus, plane, taxi, etc.

altitude n. 海拔高度,高处

glacier n. 冰河,冰川

valley n. 山谷 n. 流域

parcel n. 包裹

bend vt. 使弯曲 vi. 弯身,弯腰 n. 弯;拐角

journal n. 报纸,日志,杂志,定期刊物

journalist n. 记者

sacred adj. 宗教的,庄严的,神圣的

conception n. 观念,想法 n. 设计,计划 n. 怀孕

tact n. 圆滑,老练,机敏 the ability to deal with difficult or embarrassing situations carefully and without doing or saying anything that will annoy or upset other people.

He insisted that he was(be) innocent and that he [1]should be(be) released.

Rather than talk(talk) with his mother, the stubborn boy prefers to be always on the phone.

prefer sb. to do sth. 更喜欢让某人做

prefer that ... should do sth. 宁愿做

prefer to do rather than do

would do sth. rather than do sth.

scold vt. 斥责,训斥

persuade sb. to do sth. = persuade sb. into doing sth. 说服某人做

persuade sb. not to do sth. = persuade sb. out of doing sth. 说服某人不做

persuade sb. of sth./that 使某人相信...

persuade 名词? persuasion

be determined to do sth. 决心做

with determination 坚决地、果断地

in view of 鉴于,考虑到,由于

view sth. as sth. 把...看作...

instrument n. (tool, device)器械;器具 n. (musical)乐器 n. (factor)促成因素;实现手段

<b>instruments</b> for cleaning and polishing teeth 清洗及抛光牙齿的器械

give in to 向...让步

give away 分发,赠送,泄露

give off 发出(光,热,声音,气味)

give out 分发,用完,耗尽

The government refused to <b>give in to</b> their demands. 政府对他们的要求拒不妥协。 give in to: 妥协

She would give nothing away. 她会守口如瓶。 give away: 泄露

We have six copies of the book to <b>give away</b>. 我们有六本这样的书要捐出去。 give away: 赠送,分发

Natural gas <b>gives off</b> less carbon dioxide than coal. 天然气释放的二氧化碳比煤炭少。 give off: 发出(光,热,声音,气味)

The flowers <b>gave off</b> a fragrant perfume. give off: 发出(光,热,声音,气味) fragrant: 香的;芳香的;芬芳的 perfume: (pleasant smell)香气;芳香

insist that sb. (should) do 坚持要求,坚持主张

insist that... 无 should 时表示坚持认为、坚持说

insist on (doing) sth. 坚持做...

Little did he care about his own safety.

There was no way she could persuade him of her honesty and innocence.


smelly adj. 发臭的,有臭味的

canal n. 运河,水道

farmyard n. 农场,农家

steam n. 蒸汽,水汽

brick n. 砖块

dam n. 水坝

bar n. 条,棒,条状物

nationality n. 国籍

judge 名词意思? n. 裁判员,法官

express 名词意思? n. 快车,速递

think little/nothing of 不在意,看轻

in ruins 严重受损,破败不堪

springboard n. 跳板

economics n. 经济学

courageous adj. 勇敢的,有胆量的

accountant n. 会计

区别 think of/about think of 属于瞬时性的想起,想到……(某人、某事的存在) think about 过程性的带有分析性的考虑,斟酌……(的内容、细节、详情)等。

burst in/into 突然闯进,破门而入

burst out laughing = burst into laughter

burst with anger 勃然大怒

be reduced to ruins 沦为废墟

be buried in doing sth. 专心于

bury oneself in 专心于,埋头于

as far as I can judge 在我看来,据我判断

judgement n. 判断力,意见,宣判,批评

end up doing 以做……而告终

by the end of 到……结束时,到……时候为止

at the end of 在……尽头,在……末端

make both ends meet 收支相抵,量入为出

Faced with the damaged temple, the president burst with anger.

My holiday is at an end.


vote sb. sth. 投票选举某人为

beg vi. 请求,乞求

sentence vt. 判决,宣判

guidance n. 指导,领导

fair adj. 公正的,公平的

terror n. 恐怖,可怕的人,恐怖时期,恐怖活动

be sentenced to 被判处……(刑罚)

be in prison 坐牢

zip n. 拉链

比较 wage salary earning income Wages(普通工人按周领取的)工资,工钱 I couldn’t afford to buy a house on my shop assistant’s wages. 靠我做商店营业员的工资买不起一套房子 Salary(专业人员或办公室职员按月领取的)薪水,薪金 Denis’s salary as a bank manager is enough for the family to live on. 作为银行经理,丹尼斯的薪水足够负担一家人的生活费用。 Earnings(工作)所得,工资,收入, He gives a percentage of his earnings to charity. 他把工资收入的一部分捐给了慈善机构。 Income(工作、投资等所得的)收入,收益,所得。 Many families on low incomes will be unable to afford to buy their own home.

latitude n. 纬度

mercy n. 仁慈,宽恕,怜悯

it's a mercy that .... 幸亏……

encyclopedia n. 百科全书

be equal to doing sth. 等于,胜任做某事

equal sb./sth. in doing sth. 在做某事上比得过某人

without equal 无与伦比

a narrow escape 九死一生的逃脱

escape doing sth. 逃避做……

reward sb. for doing sth. 因做……而奖赏

in reward for 为报答,为奖赏

as a reward for 作为对……的奖赏、回报

rewarding adj. 值得的,有益的,有意义的

The college has been forced to <b>turn away</b> 300 prospective students. 拒绝……入内,打发……走。

prospective adj. 面向未来的,前瞻性的 adj. 预期的,期望中的,可能的

take the trouble to do sth. 不辞辛劳做……


relic n. 遗物,遗迹,纪念物

jewel n. 宝石,珠宝,首饰

troop n. 群,组,军队

mystery n. 神秘,神秘的事物

maid n. 少女,女仆

trial n. 审判,审讯,试验

at war 处于交战状态

celestial adj. 天空的,天上的 [正式]adj. 天国的,神圣的 [文]adj. 美妙的,绝妙的,极美的

equator n. 赤道

pole n. 地极,柱,杆

seaweed n. 海草,海藻

survive on sth. 靠……活下来

A survive B by (some time) A 比 B 活得长……

survive sth. 幸免于…… 从……中活过来

by design == on purpose 故意地

design sb. to do sth. 打算让...干某事

be worth doing sth. 值得做……

be worthy of being done 值得被做

be worthy to be done 值得被做

be worthy of n. = be worth + n. 值得……

worthwhile adj. 值得花时间、金钱、精力的

It is worthwhile doing/to do sth. 值得做某事

make a search for sth. 寻找某物

in one's search for sth.

a sense of belonging 归属感


motto n. 座右铭,格言,警句

atheletics n. 体育运动,竞技

basis 复数? bases

Greece n. 希腊

Greek adj. 希腊的,希腊人的 n. 希腊人,希腊语

regulation n. 规则,规章制度

make a bargain 达成协议

outward adj. 外面的,向外的

knot n. 节 v. 打结

nautical adj. 航海的,海上的

log n. 原木,木材 n. 书面记录,日志

magnetic adj. 磁的,有磁性的

in competition with 与……进行竞争

replace A with B 用 B 替换 A

replace A by B 用 B 替换 A

in place of 代替

charge sb. with (doing) sth. 指控某人犯……罪

accuse sb. of (doing) sth. 指控某人犯……罪

free of charge = for free 免费

take charge of 掌管

in the charge of 被……掌管,由……负责

in charge of 掌管(表状态)

charge sb. money for sth. 因某事收某人钱

deserve to do sth. 值得做……

deserve to be done = deserve doing 值得……应受……

deserve consideration/attention 值得考虑/注意

stand by 袖手旁观

To my surprise, the man highly thought of was charged with taking drugs.


chip n. 碎片,芯片

mop n. 拖把 vt. 用拖把拖,擦

niece n. 侄女,外甥女

spoil vt. 损坏,宠坏

He <b>made up</b> the whole story. 编造,虚构

The suppliers agreed to <b>make up</b> the shortfall. 供应商同意补足差额。

I'll <b>make it up with</b> him again. 我会跟他重归于好

The guards were originally hired to <b>watch over</b> the houses as they were being built. 最初这些守卫是被雇来看护在建的房屋的。

signal (to) sb. to do sth. 示意某人做某事

send out a signal 发出信号

a traffic signal 交通信号

signal sb. that 示意某人……

arise from = arise out of 由……引起、产生

arise from one's chair 从某人的椅子中站起来

They <b>deal in</b> antiques. 他们经营古董生意。

Kid as he is, he knows how to help others. </br> 它虽然是个小孩,却知道如何帮助别人。


蚊子拼写 mosquito

rub vt. 摩擦

contain oneself 控制自己

peek v. 偷看

compulsory adj. 义务的,强制的

cliff n. 悬崖,峭壁

expedition n. (尤指为探险、科学或军事目的而组织的)远征, 探险, 考察

We've saved enough for the <b>deposit</b> on the house. 我们已经存够了房子的订金

It will pay a guaranteed 5% on a minimum deposit of £500. 其对最低存款额为 500 英镑的账户支付 5% 的固定利率。

be affected by 受到……影响,被……感动

be affected with 感染……疾病

affection n. 喜爱

appreciate doing sth. 欣赏做……、感激做……

employ sth. as sth. 雇佣……当

out of employment 失业


pub n. 酒馆,酒吧

vt. 再统一,再联合 reunite

ballad n. 歌谣,情歌,民谣

dip vt. 浸,蘸

lily n. 百合,百合花

beard n. 胡须

n. 胡须 beard

reckon vt. 料想,估计

psychology n. 心理学

psychologically adv. 心理学地

tension n. 紧张,不安,张力

jaw n. 鄂,颔,下巴

be familiar to 对...来说是熟悉的

familiar 否定? unfamiliar

influence 形容词? influential

rely on it that... 相信... 指望...

rely on sb. to do sth. 指望、相信某人会做某事

Police were called in to <b>break up</b> the meeting. 解散,驱散

Everyone was sensitive to when the school <b>broke up</b> for the summer holidays. 房价

翻译:有失才有得。 You cannot make egg rolls without breaking eggs.

pretend to do sth.


feast n. 节日,盛宴

skull n. 头脑,头骨

rooster n. 雄禽,公鸡

carnival n. 狂欢节,嘉年华

parade n. 游行,阅兵,检阅

herd n. 牧群,兽群

vt. 擦去,擦 wipe

hungry 同义加重词? starving

dress up 用法? dress sb. up

brochure n. (尤指介绍情况或做广告用的)小册子

Oceania n. 大洋洲

autonomous adj. 独立的,自治的

federal adj. 联邦的,联合的

admire sb. for sth. 因...羡慕某人

admire 形容词? admirable adj. 令人钦佩的

区别 apologize apology apology n. apologize vi.

cure sb. of sth. 治好某人的病

accuse sb. of sth. 控告某人某事

rob sb. of sth. 抢某人某物

inform sb. of sth. 告知某人某事

convince sb. of sth. 使某人相信某事

forgive 名词? forgiveness

in memory of 纪念

in defence of 保卫

look back on 回忆,回顾

set about doing sth. 着手做...